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Prettifying webpack output in your Dev Tools

Use source maps

React createElement

JSX is not required to write React. You don’t even need Babel to compile JSX and other next-gen JS. You just need : So is equivalent to…

React hooks - useEffect fundamentals

What is an effect? A side-effect, in short an “effect”, is anything that a function tries to modify outside of its body. It’s not a direct…

useMemo, useCallback and React.memo

React.memo Returns a memoized version of a functinal component, which only re-renders when props change. ✅ Use for stateless components with…

Migrating to React

Color, so you’re know ready to use React in your frontend! What’s next? Start from scratch? If you’re starting a small side-project or a…

useState fundamentals

some stuff

React context cardio 🏃‍

October 10, 2019

wtf MDX!

September 10, 2019


ESLint Config

July 05, 2019

Disabling a rule Get the rule to be disabled. If using VSCode, you can see this when hoevering over the error Add to your > section , or…